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Graham Gaskin - Scouse Psycho



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Carline said:
" I played your younger sister in BBC drama, Carline Lundon. It was my first TV production. I was only about 10 but I looked a lot younger. The scenes I filmed with PaulG were tough and emotional draining and me and Paul were only acting "

Patrick said:
" I still have a tape recording from him of his poems “Tiananmen squares “ and “Hong Kong Hippocratisme “ "

====End==== said:
" Patrick "

Hi, I new Graham from Beijing, HK and Manila, before and after... said:
" ====End==== "

I was in wychCrest with graham we never got on at first, but was mates after we had a set to, probaly both about ten years old but my life, you can say, was the same has his,he was a product of abuse from people who should have known better but new they would get away with what ever they did said:
" ====End==== "

Gaskin was nuts said:

The Psycopath who paved the way for Public Access

There must be hundreds of people whose lives have brushed up against Graham Gaskin, few better for it. A character he was and he stands out in memories. He is the only person I have met who scared me, not just for an instant or because of an argument or dispute; he just scared me, even when I was away from him, I worried about him, like he would decide to hunt me down on a whim.

I met him in Itaweon, Seoul, Korea. An afternoon shopping trip interrupted when one scouser recognized another. For half a minute it was nice to meet up with someone else on the other side of the world who could trace their journey from the same city of Liverpool as myself. The pleasure was gone when in the first half dozen sentences that he machine gunned at me came "I've just blown away a Manc in the Philippines".


I believed him; straight away I believed him. And why was this murderer telling me this? I don't want to know about the antics of psychopaths, one of whom, it started to dawn on me, was standing in front of me.

How do you say 'goodbye', or just 'no' to a psychopath who will not accept such answers? I don't remember if I even tried early on, I think I came to the conclusion that the man in front of me did not like to hear refusals, nor 'bye' when business had not been resolved in the manner he desired. I knew I could not say 'yes' to just about anything in our conversation, but just how was I to extricate myself without offending, I did not know.

He said he was hungry, he offered to buy me something. Over his meal, he told me some more details of his recent exploits in the Philippines. He showed me a credit card that he had just stolen. He showed me a passport that he said an Irish priest had given him, to help him leave the country. The picture did not look like him, but he had dyed his hair, so at least it was dark like the photo.

Maybe I knew of him, Paul McGann had played him in a BBC drama, it sounded far fetched but I believed him.

He was pleased that he had met up with a fellow Liverpudlian, someone he could trust. How much did I make teaching English he asked, then offered me a large sum of money to go to the Philippines, not to do anything other than keep my ear to the ground for fall out from the killing.

"I have jobs, I have to get to, I can’t let people down" I said, careful to not actually say "no'. He kept talking about how little I earned as a teacher compared to what he makes and could offer me. How little I would need to do in Manila.

Perhaps he though that I just did not like The Philippines, the offer switched to Hong Kong.” I know people at Monkey Business" he said, just go to them and they will give you a passport for me to use, just get it and bring it back to me.

I am not sure how long I had been in his company, but I knew that I had to get away, I did not want him to invest any more time or energy in me, The more of his resources that went on me, the angrier he would be, when he realized it was in vain.

I built up the courage "I have to go".


This was when I discovered the depth of his manipulation. Whatever I said, there was a response. I could not even just go; I had to tell him why I was going. I could also see his frustration, that I would not accept any of his kind offers.

I forget now, exactly how I extracted myself from his orbit, but I did. My only real regret was that he had gotten out of me the place that I was staying, I was sure he would turn up, if for no other reason than there would be lots of people to try similar offers on.

I was relieved when stories came back to me of a man confessing to murder, it had crossed my mind that he may regret being so liberal with his story, but he seemed to not mind who knew, the only oddity was that his name was now John.

He did stay for a short while at the Inn Dae Won where I was staying, and he would on occasions pay it a visit, looking for his prey of the day. His eyes were always active taking in everything, probably for a passport placed down for a moment.

There were stories of those who sold him a passport, and stories of those who acted as mules on his trips from China. There was the time when a man came running in to the Inn Dae Won, after being chased by Graham after he had smashed a window in a near by yogwan, trying to get at the man fleeing, after he had muttered 'missing link' under his breath. There were also the stories of his poetry.

A visit to the Irish embassy to inform them of a man travelling on a fraudulent Irish passport seemed to be ignored.

One rumor of the Manila incident was told of a man getting off a motor bike, walking around a party, in a mask, spraying a water pistol, until he came to his victim, when he pulled out a gun and fired.

On a train journey from Beijing to Ulan Bator I met up with some people from Monkey Business, I forget how the conversation began, but it did confirm that they knew this character from my past. But his name was not John, but Graham; I was soon to forget this name, as I had done before.

I had believed what he told me, and I would often Google to try to find confirmation, but I found nothing. The IMDB entry for Paul McGann would be my first port of call, find out what the dram was called, find out his name...but nothing, nothing on Paul McGann’s IMDB entry matched up with the story, of a Liverpool lad in care.

I tried again and failed again, until, 18 year or so after meeting him, I got a name, Graham Gaskin, I had long forgotten the name he introduced himself to me with, and the name given to me by the Monkey Business employee.

The link was a murder, in Manila, by someone from Liverpool; the victim was from Lancashire not Manchester, but that was within error tolerance. I used the name to find that he had pioneered access for those in Care to their files; maybe we were on to something.

Then came 'Gaskin' a 1983 BBC drama, Graham Gaskin played by Paul McGann.

I read that he made his way to Germany, where he was detained, extradited to the UK for the murder in the Philippines, was sentenced to life, he wrote a memoire in prison, and thanks to Amazon, I was able to read a few pages that documented some of his time in Seoul. He died in prison of AIDS.

One other blog was of note, Jed's blog, who wrote of meeting Gaskil on the boat from Shanghai to Tokyo, I recognized his response to the man. Gaskil tried to get Jed to take drugs through customs.

It’s odd how lives cross each other, its odd how little can be found on the web of his travels across Asia, in this time of everything at our key press. I was pleased that just about everything in his story was true, I had believed what seemed bizarre, and 18 years later I got the confirmation, That I kept looking tells me that I had my doubts