This is the Home page for Carl Dwyer, his interests and family related material. Being a Brit based in the US this is my way to try to stay in touch with family and friends. I hope that this will replace the blog, Flickr and youTube pages completely.

Blockbuster Style Game


Support Files

Above is a Flash based Quiz program
Instructions : Divide group into two - Red and Green. Game shuffles questions and responses. Random choice as to which team goes first. Teams alternate choosing a hex and answering question Click on response or press relevant letter key (a, b, c or d) Win is if a line of hexes are teams colour from left to right. Click Colour in top right of screen to award a round to a team if game is stalemate or it has not been recognised by the program. Click "Play Again" if no point is to be awarded Hex count per round is also displayed.
To create questions : launch, get the focus, press 'h', press 'n', click on 'here'

Stand alone player version (*.exe)

This Flash animation can take Question sets either internally or externally as text files (10 sets of each) each set consists of 30 questions. By default it looks for Internal Question sets.
The current mode of obtaining Question sets is displayed on the screen. To select an external text file question set: Press the "m" key immediately after launch, during the LRC logo screen. Whether internal or external, a default question set is loaded.
To change the question set press the "f" key, then: Press the number key that relates to the question set; an example question from each set is displayed alongside the number key to be pressed. (0 ~ 9) , Question sets are stored in files named "var.txt" ~ " var9.txt"


Actions done on server.

What are these files?

Convert External Files to Internal
Convert Question Files to Aiken Format
Convert Questions for Internal Flash Use
Convert Questions for External Flash Use