This is the Home page for Carl Dwyer, his interests and family related material. Being a Brit based in the US this is my way to try to stay in touch with family and friends. I hope that this will replace the blog, Flickr and youTube pages completely.

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Mt Si Video (from headcam)


Amnye Machen

Most recent trip to Tibet was a return trip to circumnavigate the Khora around Amnye Machen in the Tibetan province of Amdo (Chinese Qinghai) 9 days walking. I first came in to contact with the mountain on my earlier trip to Amdo.



The old Tibetian province of Amdo is in the east of Qinghai province, my route took me south from Xining, to Yushu then east in to Sichuan and down to Kanding.


A last minute trip which included a sneek into Xizang, Kham is the old Tibetan province that now includes east Xiang and west Sichuan. The route began in Yunnan then east across Sichuan to Kanding.


Firat trip to Tibet, without permit, started in Dunhuang and headed south to Golmud, and hitched to Lhasa where we met trouble with the police.
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Three years teaching English in Korea, including this meeting with Graham Gaskin

First Trip

I had to leave my job to see the Himalaya, so to make it worth it I decided to travel for at least a year. Centred around the sub-continent and then China; ending with moving to Korea to teach

Second Trip

I never got to South East Asia on the first trip so this journey began with Thailand. Cambodia was a highlight, and South West Chia followed after Vietnam.

Third Trip

Manchria and on to Mongolia after a suprise visa in Seoul, then Tuva and Buryatia in Russia and back in to China via Kazakstan across West China to fly to Thailand to visit Burma.

Syria and Lebanon

I had wanted to visit Syria since meeting someone who had just come down through Syria when I met them in Jordan; the trip included a visit to Lebanon to see Beirut and Balbek
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Mount Adams

First volcano in Washington state, two nights on the mountain, before and after the main climb.

Mount Si

First mountain of any size in the states, includes short scramble on the top, I used my Archos head cam to record the route.
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The Alps

Two climbing hiking trips to the Alps, in the Valais region. First trip was my first Alpine trip and included the Pigne d'Arolla at just under 4,000m. Four days and three night in three diffrent huts. Second tripstarted with a return to Arolla and included the Breithorn, a cheatters 4,000m+ top from Zermatt
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