This is the Home page for Carl Dwyer, his interests and family related material. Being a Brit based in the US this is my way to try to stay in touch with family and friends. I hope that this will replace the blog, Flickr and youTube pages completely.



Latest video

So you think you can Dance , 2014

picture shows : Dance and is a link to a video

Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos


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tom/dad said:
" why have you changed the logo/for testing i did not entered what the object is and the message did not go i will try it now with the object in "

tom/dad said:
" just looked at the photoes and the large one is very good but unbalance i would take about a third off the left hand side "

grandad Dwyer said:
" just checking to see if it is up and running ok "

Roger said:
" I checked in to see the Andy Goldsworthy knock-off, and all I see is some toddler pics! She is cute, however. "

Carl said:
" well it works but with a few glitches to iron out "

Carl said:
" This comment box will be working soon "


Abby's Art

pumpkin witch thumb
made by Abby, much of it influenced by famous artists

Halloween 2008

pumpkin witch thumb
Photoshop helped out to make a decent photo out of four pictures that each had something wrong with it, take a look at the results


Get Abby "First Two Years" book from Blurb, all the best photos of Abby. Our first stab at a Blurb published book. We want to do a childrens book next.

By Carl, Delyn and Abbey