This is the Home page for Carl Dwyer, his interests and family related material. Being a Brit based in the US this is my way to try to stay in touch with family and friends. I hope that this will replace the blog, Flickr and youTube pages completely.


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Who will win the Premiership 14 ?

1 Man City

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3 Chelsea

4 Arsenal

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With years of travel across 5 continents, including 7 years in Asia; I have links to some of my photos and accounts of my journeys. Journeys are more modest these days, but no less interesting around Washington and Oregon states.

Amnye Machen

Main journey was the 120km Khora around the Amnye Machen massif in Tibet.

Graham Gaskin

I met Graham Gaskin one day in Itaewon, he was on the run from a murder in the Philippines, and he wanted my help.

Education & Technology

Flash, games and utilities

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Photos and Videos

Photoshopped Halloween photo here, videos here, more photos on this page


pumpkin witch thumb
made by Abby, much of it influenced by famous artists


Music from Abby and Carl

Songs here

Book Club

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